Ace Englehart

Ace Englehart (previously published as Alexandra) is a Richmond, Virginia native and recent MFA graduate in Poetry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BA in English from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her work has been featured in online magazines Unlimited Literature, Persephone’s Daughters, A Murder of Storytellers, and VCU’s Poictesme (pwa-tem). Her recent thesis project, This Body Divine, is an examination of silence, and an illumination of hidden loves and lives lost as well as an interrogation of postcolonial “queer fear” and the consequential restraints placed on the LGBTQ+ community to suggest the possibility of a future that embraces change rather than erases it. She is working on an archival project focusing on exploring and analyzing the media representations of queer people and couples who have been victims of hate crimes in the US, some of which have taken place in the poet’s own communities in the Appalachian and Tidewater regions of Virginia. Outside of her poetic work, Ace enjoys photography, karaoke, camping and swimming, as well as spending time at home with her partner Holly and their three pets.