Issue #8

Table of Contents

The Timberline Review 

Issue 8 | 2019

A publication of Willamette Writers 


Rooms, This Room by Eric Paul Shaffer    

Curb Appeal           

Yia Yia’s Garden by Anne Gudger             

No Bad Days, just hard days by Casey Killingsworth        

Where the Fence Was by Dan Wiencek     

From My Window on Karmelika Street by Jeffrey Alfier

Public Spaces                                                                                                                     

How to Dust by Christine Hanolsy

Boxing Day by Nancy Nowak

Five by Brandon French      

FaceTiming with My Daughter at Night by Roy Bentley

Ten Dreamers in Three Towers by Trina Gaynon

Dandy Oaks Acres by Don White

Upstairs Window, Rydal Mount by Lex Runciman

A Chaplain, After by Christopher Buckley

Building My House by David Athey


Ancestral Fruitcake by Amy Heil

Kitchen Familiar by Nancy Nowak               

My Mother’s Kitchen by Tricia Knoll         

Between the Times by Cynthia McCain 


I Send Her to Clean Her Room by Emily Ransdell             

Birds in the Bedroom by Lex Runciman                            

Relief of Quilts by Keli Osborn                              

The Un-Haunted House by Amanda Hiland                       

Hide and Seek by J. B. Navarro                 

And even now, still by Casey Killingsworth                       

My Last Window by Stephanie Striffler                 

Northern Lights of County Creek by Desmond Fuller                    

Forgotten spaces                              

Thursday Afternoon, 5:25 P.M. by Dan Wiencek   

Crawl by Ken Proctor                        

In the Crawl Space by Donna Lee                             

The Closet of Broken Things by Tricia Knoll                       

Winter Wait by Matthew Spireng                 

Cellar Witch by Vix Gutierrez          


Sanity’s Song: How to Un-Love by Veronica Lupinacci