Check Out the Authors for Issue #11!

We’re excited to announce the authors whose works we’ll be publishing in issue #11 of the Timberline Review!

As Editor-in-Chief Maren Anderson said, “These authors wrote pieces that really exemplified the issue’s theme of Transformation. We are happy to share their work in our next issue.”

We’ll release the issue at the Willamette Writers Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on August 5-7, 2022. The issue will be available in print and online. Welcome to our new authors!


Natalie Dale
Maddie Silva
Sandra Siegienski
Claire Alongi


Cristina White
Anne Gudger
Nyla McCarthy
Caitlin Diehl


Eleanor Campbell
Lisa Lee


Melody Wilson
Madronna Holden
Lucinda Trew
Keli Osborn
Kate Maxwell
Joyce Schmid
Glen Vecchione
Colette Tennant
Amy Baskin
Tor Lowell
Matthew J. Spireng
Nancy Nowak
David Mihalyov
Michael Hanner

Editor • April 11, 2022