The Timberline Review is an all-volunteer literary journal operated by Willamette Writers.

Every issue, our volunteers bring their experience, energy, and passion. We cannot thank them enough.

Here is who is behind Issue Number Twelve:

Susan Stecker Jones

Executive Director
Kate Ristau

Emerita Editor-in-Chief
Maren Bradley Anderson

Fiction Editor
Manny Frishberg

Poetry Editor
Trinity Herr

Nonfiction Editor
Jason Arias 

Maren Bradley Anderson, Cathy Cochrane, B. Zelkovich

Stacy Johns, Susan Stecker Jones 


  • Louise Barden
  • Katie Bennett
  • Cathy Cochrane
  • Kathy Haynes
  • John Holloran
  • Rankin Johnson
  • Asela Lee Kemper
  • Jakob Klein
  • Susanne Lohkamp
  • Laura Mills
  • Martha Mitchell
  • Susan Ralphe

Cover Design
Lee Moyer

Interior Design
Vinnie Kinsella, Indigo: Editing, Design, and More

Office Support
Griffin Kittleson, Elisabeth Goebel, Annabeth Serpent