The Timberline Review Issue 13 Launch

2024 Contributors to the Timberline Review

This year, the Timberline Review’s call for submissions had no set theme – simply, “send us your best!” And WOW, did we get the best.

A rich collection on perspective, this year’s issue of the Timberline Review includes an array of narratives and essays, poems, scripts, and visual art.

Featured Contributors

Abu Bakr Sadiq
C. Lill Ahrens
Christine Marie
Cristina White
Dale Champlin
David Goodrum
Eleanor Campbell
Eric Witchey
Gail Overstreet
Heather Haigh

Jaden McGinty
Jess Carlock
Joseph Whitson
Julia Corbett
Julie Young
Kelly Lenox
Kendall Cable
Kitt Patten
Krista Beucler
L Annette Binder

Lana Ayers
Louise Wynn
Patrick Carrico
Paul Lewellan
Richard Leis
Sarah Blakely
Sarah Katreen Hoggatt
Sylvester Kwakye
Taylor Bland
Tim Gillespie

Your Editors and Readers

Thank you to our editors, readers, and team that made this selection possible. Here is your volunteer team!


  • Susan Stecker Jones

Associate Editors-in-Chief

  • Amanda Bird
  • Jason Arias


  • Manny Frishberg – Editor
  • Andrea Lugo
  • Dale Ivory
  • Gail McNally
  • Jakob Klein
  • Stacy Johns


  • John Holloran – Editor
  • Angela Celeste Atkinson
  • Bill Johnson
  • Ellen Shick
  • Kathy Haynes
  • Martha Mitchell


  • Asela L. Kemper – Editor
  • Deborah Mourey
  • Jeanne Anderson
  • Rick Rees
  • Susanne Lohkamp


  • Grant Rosenberg – Editor
  • Manny Frishberg


  • Jason Arias
  • Susan Stecker Jones


  • Amanda Bird
  • Cathy Cochrane


  • Susan Stecker Jones
  • Stacy Johns

Office Support

  • Elisabeth Goebel
  • Griffin Kittleson
  • Kate Ristau

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

This collection has something of interest for every reader. Dystopian stories and challenging essays, personal and universal experiences described through script, story, poem and image – it’s all here. 

Join us to celebrate these writers and artists at our 2024 launch at the Willamette Writers Conference – RSVP here. The event is free and open to the public.

We will see you there!

Timberline Review Contributors