Ann E. Michael


Ann E MichaelAnn E. Michael is an author, essayist, librettist, and blogger. She has lived in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region for nearly thirty years, on six acres of meadow and woodlot, a place that deeply informs her work. She’s raised numerous companion and domestic animals and two children there while working as an educator at DeSales University where she is currently writing coordinator. Her work has appeared in print and online since 1982, and her poetry collections include The Capable Heart, Small Things Rise & Go, and Water-Ritesannemichael.wordpress.com

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What’s on your nightstand right now?
Barbara Cassin: Nostalgia–When Are We Ever at Home?
Gaston Bachelard: On Poetic Imagination & Reverie
Gary Paul Nabhan: Cross-Pollination–the Marriage of Science and Poetry
…Just finished The Year of Lear and planning to read some poetry collections soon….
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Tell us about your writing routine. Do you have a favorite time or place to write?

Routine changes over the decades. Right now, I am on a tear to try to organize my work on the computer so it is more searchable–I’m eager to revise some very old poems, but cannot always locate them easily. Boring but necessary task; and in the process, I’m discovering new possibilities in old work, as well as stuff that ought best to be forgotten. Writing new work: that happens best when I have solid blocks of open-ended time, and right now I haven’t got that in my life. I’ve learned to compensate (drafting in a parking lot or waiting room, keeping a journal with me at all times, etc)…but the fact is I do my best composing between the hours of 8 am and noon. And I’m at my office then, working with students. Maybe when I retire?????

Besides writing, what’s your passion?

Gardening, nature, philosophy. See my blog!