David Schultz


David Schultz

David Schultz has been writing poetry and short stories for about five decades, starting in his university years. His subjects haven’t always reflected subjects in vogue, but he’s learned that there is an appreciation out there for subjects that aren’t necessarily in the popularity limelight. For instance, the lives and trials of minorities, which he works in quite often. He has been honored by seeing a number of his pieces published online and, in a smaller number, in print journals. That response has been an important stimulus for him to continue his writing and improve it. In addition to his own writing, he has taught writing on the college level. He is also a certified translator and interpreter of six languages, and his facility with these languages has made his travels and research into other cultures much richer and productive. David lives in New York.

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What book made the biggest impression on you as a kid?

Probably the novels of Albert Payson Terhune impressed me the most.

Tell us about your favorite bookstore.

My favorite bookstore has been Barnes and Noble. Unfortunately most of the branches have been closed.

Who’s your muse?

I don’t know if I’d call Elmore Leonard my muse, but his work makes me marvel.