Robert Vivian


Robert VivianRobert Vivian is the author of The Tall Grass Trilogy: The Mover Of Bones, Lamb Bright Saviors and Another Burning Kingdom, in addition to the novel Water And Abandon. His newest collection of dervish essays is Mystery My Country from Anchor Plume Press (April 2016). He’s also written two books of meditative essays, Cold Snap As Yearning and The Least Cricket Of Evening. Several of his plays have been produced in New York City and his monologues have been published in the Best Monologues series. His essays, poems and stories have been published in Harper’s, Georgia Review, Creative Nonfiction, Alaska Quarterly, Ecotone and dozens of other journals. He teaches at Alma College in Michigan and serves on the faculty of the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program. In 2015, Robert was the first recipient of the Timberline Prize.

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What’s on your nightstand?

The Shape Of The Journey, collected poems of Jim Harrison.

Print or ebook?

Print book over ebook every time.

Tell us about your favorite bookstore.

Don’t have a favorite bookstore, as I favor libraries where books are not for sale.

What made the biggest impression on you as a kid?

The time when a gorgeous fish swam up to me in lake in northern MI and bumped my shin then swam away when I was ten. Fish has haunted me ever since.

Please describe your writing routine. 

I get up early and write in long hand. When writing is going well, I forget what I have written in the morning.

Who or what is your muse?

My muse is a trout river in N. MI. I’m there every day whether I’m there in body or not.

Besides writing, what’s your passion?

Flat out, far gone on fly fishing–fish every day in the summer. Wade until I can hardly walk. Cast until my arm is about to fall off.